What You Should Strive to Become

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To be able to live a meaningful life, you should identify a purpose for your existence.

With a purpose in life, you’ll have benefits to enjoy. You will know where you want to go and what you want to be. Plus, it helps you build a kind of life that you’ll soon be proud of.

So if you’re not quite sure of what you want your purpose to be, here’s a guide that will give you a hand.

A Master of Your Trade

Are you passionate about a hobby? If so, use that passion wisely. Don’t let it go to waste and instead, be persistent as you train yourself to be a master in that department.

What the world needs is a master – a person who doesn’t delve on things halfheartedly. And if you believe you have what it takes to be a master, you are what the world needs.

Take Masamune Shirow, for example. When it comes to creating manga, he’s your guy. He was passionate about his craft. So he invested his time in it.

And look at how he turned out. He earned the respect of his peers and became an inspiration to aspiring manga artists and anime lovers. Here’s a good link that you can check out to know more about him.

If you want to follow his footsteps, you’re making the right call. Being exceptional at something is one way to inspire others to be as exceptional, too.

Now, imagine a world where everybody is exceptional.

A Good-Hearted Person

Additionally, strive to have a lot of good in your heart. Be compassionate.

After all, compassion is powerful.

Be good to your family, as well as all the people in this world. Even if they can’t give back the good that you’ll do for them, do what you can for them.

Rather than measure their worth according to how they can return the favor to you, be selfless. Don’t expect anything in return, at all.

Insist on seeing the good in others. Especially if they’re in a position where they refuse to see the good in themselves, knowing that you’re there to believe in them is going to be magical for them.

If you think you can’t be this person anymore because you’ve done undesirable things in the past, you’re wrong. It’s never too late to be better. Learn to forgive yourself and start doing better.

The Bottom Line

A life without meaning can drain your will to see through your days. You need to strive to live a meaningful life because more than anything else, it will make you happy. It will introduce you to pure happiness!