Try This If You Need a Change

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As an interior designer, I’m always looking for ways to improve the spaces we live in.

It’s more than just putting things on walls or throwing a couch or chair any which way. It’s all about the overall experience the person feels when he or she is in that space.

Recently, I was hired to remodel a client’s office. Because I had worked mostly in homes, this was my first business type setting. I was excited.

I started putting together a mood board to give my client ideas. Some of my inspiration came from sites I had found, such as this one that reminded me to know the details. This was a great reminder because the details can take an office from strictly functional to comfortable and welcoming.

After I put together some ideas and themes, the client chose the one she liked.

She wanted something that was calming and peaceful, so we stuck with neutrals.

She also wanted furniture in the office, rather than the mismatched chairs and coffee table that took too much space. Lastly, she wanted lighting to enhance the atmosphere of the office.

Best of all, she left everything up to me. Of course, I had to work within a budget, but I always enjoy projects more when the client gives me their ideas and some directions, but they let me deal with the details.

If a client is the type that wants me to check in constantly and is always breathing down my neck, I make a mental note not to work with that person again in the future.

In the end, the office turned out better than both of our expectations. It had the right balance of understated style, while also serving the needs of the business.

My favorite aspect of the entire project was how the new paint on the walls tied everything together.

You can have great furniture and wall hangings or paintings, but if the paint on the wall clashes with the rest of the items in the room, you end up with a room that feels odd. It’s as if something is missing and you can’t seem to put your finger upon it.

As for my client, she loved the result. She also gave me great news in telling me she had other projects for me. She was such a pleasure to work with, I agreed without even bothering to find out what the other projects were.

It was a great end to a wonderful day.