Restorative Treatment To Get Back Your Teeth In Good Condition

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Teeth are important part of the body and need proper care and regular checkup in the absence of which you might face several troubles. Ignorance or poor oral hygiene can result in development of a cavity or tooth decay. If you are already suffering from any such problem, you can consider the restorative treatments offered by the dentists. Restorative treatments generally include Crown and Bridges, Debentures, Implant, extraction, Root canal and filling. If you want to opt for any of the restorative treatments, you can visit Barnet Dental Practice clinic.


This restorative treatment is generally used for treating the decayed tooth but it can also be used for repairing broken or the cracked tooth or the worn out tooth etc. The dentist removes decayed portion from your tooth, then fills up the place with silver amalgam, porcelain, gold etc.

Getting the filling done is not the only task but in addition to this you also have to take care of your filling. In order to take care of your filling, you must maintain your oral hygiene. Make regular visit to your dentist for cleaning. In addition to this use the toothpaste which contains fluoride.

Crown and bridges

It is another restorative treatment that helps in restoring the shape and size of the tooth. In addition to this, crown is also used for protecting the tooth filling, for covering the discolored filling etc. On the contrary the bridges are used for replacing the missing teeth. The patient cannot remove the bridges like the dentures. Fixed bridges are the better option for the ones who have lost their natural teeth as they work similar to the natural teeth.

With the bridges the caring or good oral hygiene is of utmost importance. Thus, it is advisable to floss and brush your teeth regularly.  It is to be noted that if the plaque buildup or the food debris is not controlled, then your gums or teeth may get infected. In case your gums are infected you will require additional treatment and in addition to the treatment you may end up losing your bridges. If good oral hygiene is maintained, then bridges last for eight to ten years.