How to Market Your Site on The Internet Without Spending a Fortune

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If you are a business owner since 1995 you know it was rather easy to promote your business. Especially if you’re a local business it could be as easy as some ads in your local newspaper, perhaps a radio spot depending on the type of business or in extreme cases you might even have an ad on your local TV channel. Obviously, your Yellow Paper would’ve also called you to death to grab a spot there as that’s what people used back in the days.

Now with the internet and everything it has become a little more complicated so if you managed to survive without the internet for that long, congratulations to you, you must be running one heck of a business with tons of mouth-to-mouth advertising. If you are seeing that dwindling due to all the new competition that has arrived I have some dead solid ways to advertise your company on the web at a very low cost.

Web directories still work

Yep, even if you’re an old-timer on the internet that thinks web directories are dead, well they are not dead at all, they’ve just taken a different format. Instead of a page with 200 different links, it has evolved into something new. In some product niches they’ve involved to comparison sites, while in other niches they’ve taken the role of review sites, and in once again other niches it is like rating sites.

The seasoned marketer would classify it as lead-generation sites as that’s what they are, they’ve acquired top rankings in search engines like Google so instead of ranking yourself you can simply consolidate a mention on these already ranking sites. Easy as that!

Social media to the rescue

Another low-cost way to promote your own business is the range of social media platforms. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose, it’s just the one that your most comfortable with and the one that represents your business in the best way possible. Are you artistic or do you have a widespread range of products than Instagram might be the one for you, and as we speak about Instagram I just found this guide which makes it virtually free: “Best Instagram Growth Service in 2018 for Organic Followers – Jonathon Spire“.

Yep, Jonathon has got himself a new hobby by reviewing bots to grow social media channels and Instagram isn’t the only platform that allows you to automate your presence on the web. There are similar tools for Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, well you name it.

There are more ways

Although there are plenty of other ways to promote your business on the web most come at significant costs or take a long time to acquire results while the new style directories with some automation on social media provides the perfect match, not only do you get yourself in front of the people that are interested in your products or services, you also acquire the much needed social proof at the very same time. Now you only need a website and ready you are!