How to Calm Your Mind and Reduce Anxiety

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Relax. You don’t have to stress yourself. It is not good for your health. And, it takes less effort than you think. In fact, you don’t have to book for a weekend retreat or spa. Here’s what you need to do.


Ten minutes of meditation every day can help ease the intensity of anxiety significantly. Scientific research shows that meditation changes the way your brains neural work, enabling you to counter stress. And, it’s not a complicated process. Start by sitting up straight with both your feet on the floor. Close your eyes and turn your attention to reciting (you can do it silently or loudly). Choose a positive mantra with words such as peace and love. Place one hand on the lower part of your belly so that it is in synchronization with the mantra and your breathing. Allow any thoughts of distraction to float like clouds.

Use CBD Oil

Yes, CBD oil can help reduce depression. The oil has shown a promise as a potential treatment for anxiety and depression, two of the largest contributors of disability on the planet. In a study, 24 participants with social anxiety disorder received either 600 milligrams of CBD or were placed on a placebo. They were then told to speak to the public. In the end, the subjects who received CBD had dropped levels of anxiety, and their speech performance was better in comparison to those in the placebo group.

More than that, there is documented evidence that CBD can safely treat insomnia in infants diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Researchers think that CBD works on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, a feel-good compound that affects social behavior. Be sure to visit Free Your Spine to find out how you to choose the best CBD oil as a remedy for anxiety and depression.

The Bottom Line

Anxiety can have a harmful effect on your overall well-being if you don’t control it. The World Health Organization says it is the sixth largest cause of chronic disability. On top of the suggestions above, take at least five minutes every once in a while to focus on your breathing. Deep breaths can slow down your heart rate and pressure.

Also, think in the present. Enjoy your food and take some time out to focus on your senses. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your social network. Talk to your friends on the phone or face to face and share what’s going on in your life.