Are You Looking For Right Drill Bit for Your Work

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For any kind of mechanical fabrication work, we may need to use the right kind of drill bit in order to drill the right kind of hole. Therefore, it is very important to select the right kind of material for drill, so that you can successfully use it for drilling hole in the material for your job. According to hardness of the material where you are going to drill, you have to choose the suitable material for your drill bit.

How to select the right material for drill bit

If you intend to drill the hole in softwood then the right material is steel. If you use same drill bit for any hardwood then the drill bit will get dull very quickly. If you choose high speed steel material for your drill bit then you can easily drill in any kind of wood, PVC, fiberglass or even in aluminum.

In case, you want to use drill bit for boring then you should choose Cobalt bit. With such drill bits, you can bore not only on aluminum, but also on stainless steel too. Often people prefer to use black oxide coated high speed steel, which will last longer and also you can drill on any kind of material. Therefore, you can select Drill Bit Best as per your need and the cost of the drill bit.

Construction of drill bit also plays a role

Drill bit construction is also an important thing to decide while drilling in any hard material. The angle of the tip of drill bit will decide whether it is suitable for drilling hole in harder material. Drill bit with 135 degree angle is suitable for drilling in harder material.

If you want to drill hole in softer material then you should select drill bit with 118 degree angles. They will not damage the material while drilling hole on a softer material and you will be able to drill hole of accurate sizes.

Usually for any home based project, you must choose drill bit of 1/16 inch to ¼ inch to mark the location. In order to increase the size of hole you can also use larger bits like 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch or 7/16 inch or even ½ inch.

One can learn lot about drill bit and how to select them for any suitable application by working in any good workshops for few months.